Monday, July 1, 2013

User's Guide For Choosing The Best Colors To Market Your Business.

Choose The Best Colors To Market Your Business.

User's Guide For Choosing The Best Colors To Market Your Business.
Use this guide for choosing the best colors to market your business.

Follow these guidelines about color psychology, to set yourself apart.

Red: Red can invoke a feeling of warmth, It can be used to represent heat, rage, fire, passion, romance all strong elements and emotions. Red is often used by fast food chains because it is said to stimulate the appetite. It is also often associated with excitement and danger and is considered the most powerful of all colors.
Orange: Orange can represent a cheerful warm feeling, but it also represents caution and excitement. It can be a subconscious prompting to “act now.” Thus you’ll sometimes see orange buttons on websites with a call to action like, Purchase today and get 15%off.
Yellow: While yellow stands out to the eye and it is considered the most visible color and is usually the first thing the eye seeks out, when facing a wide variety. This alone is why the majority of road caution signs are yellow. Yellow is also considered to be a stimulating color.
Blues and Lavenders: Blue is the color most preferred by most men. It also invokes a feeling of calm and serenity, and can curb the appetite. Dark blue is often used by companies in the medical and financial industries, because it establishes trust and credibility.
Gray: Gray is a neutral color and pairs well with almost any other color. Gray can be considered a gentle color but can also represent loneliness and sadness. When used in conjunction with other colors, it acts as a booster, enhancing whatever it is placed next to.
PinkPink is considered by many to be a gender-specific color. Pink represents youth, innocence, sweetness and softness. Light pink can also convey weakness, so use judiciously.
Black and Silver: These colors are often associated with exclusivity, elegance and power. They are also the traditional color of death and fear. Negativity aside, black can be incredibly powerful when used properly and can help to elevate another color to an even more impact full level.
PurplePurple is most often associated with royalty and nobility. As a solid blend of the strength and passion of red and the dignity and masculinity of blue, it’s a color that has a quiet power. Be cautious, however, as purple is actually the color of mourning in some Asian countries.
Greenrepresents health, life, rebirth and nature. Think spring and grass and new growth. Green is also often associated with money and wealth.
Brown: Brown is considered a strong and solid color. Brown represents the earth and wood, both of which are considered masculine. Brown is considered neutral and can be paired with almost any other color. Be cautious though, because when used alone, it can represent boredom. Dark brown, is often tied to opulence.
White: White can have a multitude of meanings, from purity and innocence to cowardice and emptiness. White can be subtle and can also be used to accentuate and highlight other colors. Colors on their own are powerful. When properly combined, they can convey messages and invoke strong feelings. 

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