Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lumia 520 Is Nokia's Most Affordable Windows Phone 8 SmartPhone, Hot Selling In India.

Nokia Lumia 520 Details, Price, colors, International warranty, Software, Microsoft Office

Nokia Lumia 520 Details

In the market that is very much focused on Android, Nokia has introduced a Windows Phone that is very different and comes with a lot of features that are unique. While it doesn't make sense to match internal hardware of the Lumia 520 with the budget Android Phones as Windows Phone works well on small hardware.
Nokia Lumia 520 comes with a 4-inch screen with a Resolution of 800 X 480, Dual-core 1 GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM, 8 GB ROM, 5 MP camera and 1430 mAh battery.

What makes the Lumia 520 Outstanding ?

 Nokia Lumia 520 has managed to get a lot of attraction in growing markets, and has now become the best-selling Windows Phone device to date. In India alone, it has 31.3% of the Windows Phone market. What makes the device stand out from so many others in the market? Let’s find out:
Lack of international manufacturers: There is lack of handsets in this category from International Manufacturers like Nokia. While Samsung have a device Galaxy S Duos in the category which it is very sluggish and doesn't look unique as compared to Micromax and Karbonn. So for Nokia, which has lot of brand recognition in India this phone in the segment adds a lot of fresh value to the Finnish Manufacturer.
Colours: In a world filled with black or white Android handsets, the Lumia 520’s design and styling is a breath of fresh air. It is available in 5 colors, making it Outstanding  from a crowd of dull looking color devices.
Freshness of Windows Phone: We are now at a stage where Android is fairly common and ubiquitous. Therefore, a Windows Phone device is seen as something different from the normal and has the WOW factor thanks to the User Interface elements like Live Tiles and Solid Colours.
Nokia software: With its location based here, Nokia has ensured that all of its services make the best use of the unique features of the Windows ecosystem. In fact, these services are one of the main reasons why most individuals go for a Windows based device.
Free Microsoft Office: All Windows mobile devices come with Microsoft Office installed. This is sure to be a major incentive to buy a Windows device as the Office suite is still regarded as one of the best document editing suites in the market today.
In Summary :-  It is understandable why buyers are choosing Nokia’s offering over budget Android devices. The Lumia 520 offers a sleek UI, a great design and a vast array of colour combinations in a segment where every other mobile looks the same. The strong sales of the Lumia 520 come down to two things: robust design and the uniqueness of Windows mobile when seen against the likes of Android.

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