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Top 5,10,15,20,25 Games on Facebook in May 2013 by Daily/Monthly Active Users. King, Zynga, Social Point, Pretty Simple and Wooga

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Both of May’s lists saw King, which has more than 63 million DAU across its social and mobile games, continue to hold the top spots, though Zynga is still close behind and with more titles in the top 25 lists overall.
Top 5,10,15,20,25 Games on Facebook in May 2013

Taking a look at game rankings based on MAU, which is the best measure of a title’s overall reach on the social network, King’s Candy Crush Saga is still on top despite losing a little more than 2 million MAU in April. King has three other titles in the top 25 Facebook Games by MAU. Its gem-matching game Pet Rescue Saga came in at the No. 4 spot with an estimated 24.7 million MAU after a gain of 1.8 million MAU. Its bubble-popping puzzler Bubble Witch Saga continued to grow by 773,324 for a total of 18.8 million MAU. King’s latest title Farm Heroes Saga made an impressive debut, tied at the No. 13 spot with Pool Live Tour with 12 million MAU since the game was released in early April.
Meanwhile,  Zynga titles still occupy the largest portion of the list, taking up 9 spots. However, all of Zynga’s games lost users this month, except for Words With Friends which gained 420,689 MAU, landing it in the No. 11 spot with a total of 14.2 million MAU. Zynga’s biggest loser, which was the biggest loser on the list overall, was CoasterVille, which lost 7.5 million MAU but still came in at the No. 8 spot.
Top 5,10,15,20,25 Games on Facebook in May 2013
Pretty Simple’s Criminal Case also saw a big gain in MAU, adding 7 million users and moved to the No. 10 spot from last month’s No. 22 spot. Another big gainer this week is Social Point’s Dragon City, coming in at the No. 5 spot with a gain of 3.6 million MAU for a total of 23.3 million MAU.
Now it’s time to turn to DAU, which is the best representative of a game’s core audience. Here too King’s Candy Crush Saga pulled ahead of Zynga’s FarmVille 2, with an estimated 14.9 million DAU and 6.6 million DAU, respectively. Zynga’s CoasterVille, which debuted on the Top 25 list at the No. 5 position, holding the position for a few months, saw a sizable loss of 512,853 estimated DAU, dropping it to the No. 18 spot with 1.8 million DAU.
The most significant gainer on the list goes once again to Pretty Simple’s Criminal Case, which added 1.2 million DAU. 
Candy Crush Saga

Zynga Farm Ville 2

Pet Rescue SagaDragon City Social PointCriminal Case Team

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