Saturday, May 11, 2013

Top 5 Best Internet Browsers For Android Smart Mobile Phones and Tablets in 2013 - Google Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, Maxthon and Fennec Firefox

I am going to list down 5 best Android web browsers which will make your web browsing faster, secure and fun.
Top 5 Best Internet Browsers For Android Smart Mobile

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is world’s most used browser and is one of the best  browsers for android devices. Within very short period of time the Android Version of Google Chrome has hit the top list of best web browsers for android.  
However like its desktop version it does not support Adobe Flash. Another down side of the app is that it does not run on older versions of Android.
Some of the best features of Google Chrome for Android are:
= Go Incognito (also known as InPrivate in Mozilla Firefox)
=Accelerated browsing, scrolling and double tap to zoom.
=Unlimited number of tabs 
=Auto fill forms & Save passwords options 
=Bandwidth Management & Developers tools
Google Chrome

Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD  is a convenient browser and very well known for its compatibility with Android devices. This browser also allows to enhance your browsing experience by simply installation of additional Add-ons. Also you can search for stuff in smarter and faster way by using this browser.
Some of the best features of Dolphin Browser are:
=fast page loading speed,
=easy to use GUI,
=wide range of themes,
=High level of trust and stability.
Dolphin Browser HD

Opera Mobile/Mini Web Browser

Opera Mobile is another best web browser for the Android platform. Being one of the oldest browser in the mobile world, this browser seems to have all the basic features which are required for mobile browsing. This browser is also faster in loading web pages and supports multiple tabs feature. It has Twitter and Facebook’s built in sharing option to share interesting pages with your social networks. Opera Mobile Web browse is available for both phones and tablets.
Opera Mobile/Mini Web Browser


Another fast and free browser for your Android device. It fully supports Firefox Sync. Using this feature you can quickly import all of your browsing history and open tabs from the desktop to your android device easily. Firefox for android also comes with a “Awesome Page” start screen that shows you all of your recently visited tabs. It also supports add-ons and Personas, although they are available in very less numbers.


Maxthon Mobile Web Browser for Android comes with a lots of cool features to make your mobile browsing fast and secure. Using Maxthon you can browse all of your favorite websites in true full screen mode. This browser also allows you to Create your own touch screen commands to surf with your fingertips and supports add-ons like RSS Reader, Missed Calls, File Manager, Task Killer and many more.
Maxthon Mobile Web Browser

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